Tamia Turns 10

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Tamia is my Baby Girl, and all she wants is my time.
Photography by Nour at Perfect Moments

Y’all my baby girl is 10! She hit double digits about a 2 weeks ago, and to celebrate, I introduced her to my world with my photographer, and she could not have been more unenthusiastic. Whoops, mom fail! Y’all, Tamia is most definitely her own little person, and she has been this way for as long as I can remember, and I applaud her for that- most of the time. But when I came up with the idea for us to take pictures, I really did not think she would not want to take pictures with me; I mean who wouldn’t want to take pictures with their mommy? I kid you not, when we first started shooting, Tamia was definitely not feeling it. She was uncomfortable and it showed, and this made me very uneasy. Had my older daughter, Tamia’s loving and gentle big sister, and my vibrant and energetic cousin (she’s responsible for the sunglasses) not been there, the shoot just might have been a disaster, and not because of Tamia, but because of me.

Y’all in my mind, everything is awesome. I plan it perfectly; I even envision perfection, but when I show up, and reality happens, which means things don’t go as I had planned inside my head. Now pay close attention, that doesn’t mean that things don’t turn out awesome because they do, they always do. It just means that I need to learn how to chill a bit and let the magic that is going to happen, happen. Because when I cease being my nagging self and let things flow, the magic really does happen, and when it’s all over, I realize that once again, I was tripping for no reason. Now let me tell y’all about Tamia.

Tamia is honestly the sweetest little girl a mom could ask for. She is patient with me when I most impatient. She is silent when I am loud, and she is calm when I am a storm. I don’t know if she understands this, but a part of me believes that she completely understands that she brings balance to my world. If I were writing this a month ago, I would have said that she’s my opposite because that’s what I focused on. When I say stop, she goes. When I say run, she walks. And when I say talk, she sings. She goes against not just the grain, but my grain, but now I get it. She’s not trying to get on my nerves, she really is the pepper to my salt; she evens me out. Thank you, God, for her. She’s taught me that clothes don’t always have to match perfectly, that rooms were not made to always be clean, and that people who love one another don’t always have to agree with each other, and I love that about her. She is her own person with her own personality and her own notions, and that’s exactly who she is supposed to be, I mean really, that’s who I am.

She brings balance to my world.

So here’s to Tamia turning 10 and bringing more love and balance to all of our lives. She’s most definitely going to be a world changer, and “I would love to live in a world where women like her are running things.”

Oh, is that what you think?

Tamia keeps reminding me that life really is about spending time with the people you love. All she wanted for her birthday was to be surrounded by her family, especially her two big sisters. She’s still such a very little girl, but she gets the really big picture: spending time with the people you love makes life magical.

Tamia and her big sisters, Diamond (to her right) and Jamera (to her left).