Short Dress, No Regrets

Posted March 6, 2020 by tambarr1 in Fashion / 2 Comments

First off, let me start by telling you that I originally bought this dress to wear it with a pair of jeans (and that still might happen). However, once it arrived, and I tried it on, I decided to wear it, go figure, as a dress. Now, my dilemma became the length of the dress. When I was going to wear the dress with a pair of jeans, the length didn’t really matter, but when I decided to give it a shot as a dress, all of a sudden all of these red flags started popping up. Here’s why. As a woman over 40 (to be honest I’m closer to 50 than 40 seeing as how my birthday is in 2 days) questioning what I wear has become second nature, especially since I’m a teacher. I often wonder what would happen if I were to see a parent or my students while I’m out and about in my “street clothes”. I also wonder what would happen if I saw my principal while I was wearing a dress that hits my leg mid thigh. Definitely against dress code.

The more I pondered, the more different scenarios cropped up, each one worse than the one before, and all I had done was try the dress on. I also noticed that as I looked at myself in the mirror with all of those hypotheticals running around in my head, the number of limits I was placing on myself. I had created situations that might not ever occur, and if they did happen to occur, so what? Did wearing a short dress make me a bad teacher? Did it make me look like a disillusioned woman clinging to her younger days? Did it make me look like I was desperate for attention? It was in that moment, that I decided that I didn’t care what it made me look like because I liked me in the dress, and that was all that mattered.

Besides, I love dresses. Short, midi, or maxi, they are my absolute favorite item to wear. To each its own is now the only thought I have about middle-aged women wearing short dresses. But I get it if other women my age opt not to wear a short dress. That’s their prerogative. The only regret I have is that I was born too late to wear my short dresses with Tina Turner.

I’ll end by saying this. It is not my job nor is it yours to tear down another woman for doing something you wouldn’t do or wearing something you wouldn’t wear. It is our duty as women to wish the best for every woman who is trying to make it in a world intent on placing limits on everything women do.

2 responses to “Short Dress, No Regrets

  1. Angie Brown

    So glad you stopped putting limits on yourself because this dress looks great on you. The fact that you’re almost 50 and look this good in a dress is more of reason why you should continue to be so vibrant✨✨✨