Kids Bathroom Makeover

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Oh my goodness, it has been months since I last posted something for y’all, and I am so sorry.  The closing of the school year was one the most hectic I have experienced in a long time.  You’d think this was my first year teaching and not my 19th.  But now that all that is over with, I can spend some time feeding my soul and my interests here with you on the blog.  And to kick this wild summer off, I’m sharing my Kid’s Bathroom Makeover.

You’ll never guess how it all started… yep, you guessed it. I walked into Target. Seriously that place is both my happy place and my sunken place.  I walk in there and I don’t know what the hell happens to me.  I lose all cognizance and control until somebody clanks the spoon against the teacup.  I kid you not. This time the object of my obsession was a wildlife shower curtain by Opalhouse, and the rest is an Adventureful Makeover.

The inspiration.


This space is wild and fun and perfect for my babes!

Opal House Shower Curtain (here) and Bath Mat (here)

In my opinion, the colors and the little details make all the difference.  I got the tribal rocks, the zebras and the black tray from Michaels.

I love this Zebra Candle (here) (another candle here and here). Tamia loves candles, so it was important for me to add one to their space.  Plus, little kids are also smelly, and this candle smells so good.  Just knocks their stinkiness right out! But this Terra Cotta Zebra Head (here) was all me!  I mean look at it.  It is right at home! Plus, it watches over them to make sure they wash their dirty little hands.


I saw this large Zebra Towel (here) earlier in the summer, the interest was there, but the idea for the makeover hadn’t been born, but now that I am zebra crazy, it had to come home with me.  It is a beach towel, but who the heck cares? Am I right? (it’s also on clearance).  Who knew that I’d also find the complementing hand towels and washcloths?  Only a match made in Target! Zebra Hand Towels (here) and Zebra Washcloths (here)


The Colorful Accent Towels are my absolute favorite, and I’m sure they make the zebras happy.  Opalhouse Coral Hand Towels (here) and Turquoise (here) and Coral (here).

Of course I am just in love with their wild little bathroom.  Tyson is the cutest.  He’s potty training, so he gets to hold a zebra while he sits on the potty.  You know really, it’s the little things that make all the difference.



Whether I am trying to be wild and fun or just a Mommy, I want every room in my house to reflect me, and at the end of the day, I am a “Seeker of Everyday Magic” and I want my little wild adventurers to be too!

Pillow Fort “Seek Adventure” (here)

So, here it is.  My Kid’s Bathroom Makeover.  It’s the place where it all goes down, and since we are in the throes of terrible twos and potty training, we really are in for a wild and adventurous Summer.

So what do you think? Hope I inspired you to bring the wild inside. What home projects do you have planned for the Summer? Drop me line, so I can cheer for you as you create the spaces that really make your house a home.