This Month I’m Black, Black

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I know that my title sounds a bit obnoxious to some of you reading this, but what I am saying and what I am feeling is the absolute truth.  The older I become, the more my yearning to celebrate my blackness grows.  I have reached a place in my life where I am ready to fully embrace the beauty of my people. Who, despite every negative experience, continue to be defy the odds and be magical.  And that is the reason why I absolutely love being black.  Moreover, I want my kids to love being black, and in order for them to understand that the power they harness is embedded in their DNA, I have show them the pride and love I possess for my blackness.

So for this month, I have decided to watch movies, read books (texts), and listen to music by all Black artists and that star Black artist.  I shared my goal on my Facebook page, and one of my friends asked that I share my list with her.  So I thought the blog would be the perfect medium to showcase my list of movies (and other media) that I plan to enjoy in the celebration of my culture.  So far, I have a generated a list of over 40 movies, and I plan to keep this list going.

Image result for black panther oscar
The Oscar-Winning “Marvel” that is Black Panther
  1. *Black Panther
  2. The Wiz
  3. Nobody’s Fool
  4. Widows
  5. Equalizer 1&2
  6. Creed 1&2
  7. Get Out
  8. American Gangsta
  9. Annie (Jamie Foxx)
  10. Cinderella (Brandy and Whitney)
  11. The Princess and the Frog
  12. *Love Jones
  13. *Girls Trip
  14. The King (Netflix)
  15. 7 Seconds (Netflix)
  16. *The Color Purple
  17. The Wire
  18. Nappily Ever After
  19. Luke Cage
  20. *Boomerang 
  21. *Coming to America
  22. *Bad Boys
  23. Drumline
  24. Paid in Full
  25. Any Given Sunday
  26. Why Did I Get Married?
  27. *The Best Man
  28. *All About the Benjamins
  29. *Ride Along (1&2)
  30. Barber Shop
  31. *National Security 
  32. *Friday
  33. Boys in the Hood
  34. *Menace to Society
  35. Hidden Figures
  36. BAPS
  37. Love and Basketball 
  38. What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  39. Waiting to Exhale
  40. Set it Off
  41. Moonlight
  42. Dreamgirls
  43. Ray
  44. ATL
  45. This Christmas

The movies and/or series on this list are definitely some of my favorites.  I have placed a * beside the ones that never grow old for me.  There are other ways I plan to celebrate as well, so stay tuned.  Also, feel free to let me know if there is a movie you think I need to add to the list because I would like to celebrate throughout the year.  I grabbed this t-shirt from Target because it exemplifies greatness.  We must say their names and continue their legacy so that the magic within us never dies.

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2 responses to “This Month I’m Black, Black

  1. Tasha

    Hey Tam, love the list!!! How about ATL with TI and This Christmas with Chris Brown ❤️

  2. Tasha, thank you!! I have loved a lot of these movies for years! And thanks for recommending ATL and This Christmas; I’ve already added them to the list!