The Winds of Change

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I pretty much love everything Fall has to offer.  The crispness in the air and the leaves as they crunch under my shoe. I love the versatility of the styles and the weather.  I am inspired most this time of the year, and I love sharing my creativity with you.



Boho Top (here)/ BP Jeans (here)/ Universal Thread Booties (here)/ Earrings (here)

“Welcomed Winds”

The winds of change are welcome

They speak to me the necessary transition that I must make

They say to me that there’s life after, a life more bountiful than you ever knew, and they tell me it’s yours to take

They say change is good, it creates balance, a period of rest and a time to renew

A time to plan, reflect, and create goals for the birth of a new you.

They bring whispers of comfort in the midst of the change, they say to me even when you Fall, you will rise again.

I welcome it all, the winds, the change, the shedding of burdens, and letting go of pains, I welcome them in love so gentle and so sweet, I welcome them in the same way that I’ll greet the new me when I reappear in the Spring.



Halogen Dress (here)/ Heels (here)/ Earrings (here)

One Fall Look- 2 Ways Just by changing the shoes and adding a clutch

Look #1

Boho Top (here)/ BP Jeans (here)/ Universal Thread Booties (here)/ Earrings (here)


                                                           Look #2

Boho Top (here)/ BP Jeans (here)/ Fold-over Clutch (here)/ Leopard Print Heels (here)/ Earrings (here)