A Playmate for Tyson

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Superhero James
Superhero James


Andy had Woody, and Tyson will have James.

Today, I observed my toddler cuddle with Elmo, pat Elmo on his back, and tell Elmo to lay down.  I witnessed him comfort, care for, and love Elmo in the same way that we comfort, care for, and love him.  It was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.

A few days ago, Tyson tried to play with his big sister’s doll.  I hurriedly took the doll from him with a kind of fear that I neither liked nor understood.  He is only a baby after all.  He doesn’t understand the way the world thinks.  He doesn’t get that the world is full of scared people who believe a toy can make someone less of a heterosexual and more of a homosexual.  He doesn’t know that the world is full of ignorance and hate.  He only knows love.  He only knows that he likes to discover new things and play with toys; what he knows is innocence, and what he’s doing is natural, normal, and healthy. When I watch him play, he is showing me how to continue to be a mother who nurtures and encourages compassion and love versus a mother who fosters and breeds fear and hate. When I watch him, I learn that kids are learning from us.

So meet James.  He will be Tyson’s new playmate soon, and I am excited to welcome him to the family.  I love that his name is James because that’s Tyson’s middle name and it happens to be both his grandfathers’ name as well.  I can’t wait to see what adventures they will have together.  In fact, I’m looking forward to it.

There are other playmates as well: Will, Marco, and Erik. I love how the Wonder Crew Superheroes are diverse, and that they were made to nurture healthy play for our little fellas.  Go ahead and bring one home for your sweet playmate and fellow adventurer now.  I’m positive that your little guy will thank you for it.


**They make the perfect Christmas gift as well.**