Discovering Our Neighborhood

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Summer is really the only time I get to spend any “uninterrupted by the demands of life” quality time with my kids.  The Barrett Babes actually get loads of TLC from me, and I love filling up on the tons of hugs and kisses they give me and then make them take a nap, ha! That’s how we enjoy being home together, but sometimes, we need to get out and explore, you know, socialize a bit.  It’s then that I’m left trying to figure out exactly where we should go or what we should do. True, visiting one of the local parks is always an option, but what else is there?  

Just keeping it real, I should have a general idea of some things we would enjoy, seeing as how I am a NC Native and all, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, even though I am from North Carolina, I know very little about my home state. Yes, I have experienced Pullen Park, the NC Zoo, and the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, but what I have done pales in comparison to all the many things that I haven’t done. You see, I grew up in a little place called Roxboro, right outside of Durham, and Roxboro most recently topped the list as the #1 poorest city to live in North Carolina, and sadly it is. My summers there consisted of visiting relatives and playing a bunch of street games: kickball, dodgeball, double dutch, the list goes on, but visiting museums, exploring parks, or going swimming never made it on the list.

That was then. Now, my life, location, and circumstances have changed just a bit, and I am fortunate enough to be able to give my kids more experiences than I had.  I am still working within a budget though!

Living in the Triangle Area has its advantages, and I need to get out there and see why so many people visit my home state.  Basically, I’m ready to stop thinking that I have to leave North Carolina in order to enjoy myself.  So for the month of July, the Barrett Babes and I are going to be Discovering Our Neighborhood. Yes, we’re ready to explore, and I’ve planned out our next three weeks.  I am excited to see get out and have some fun. I’ve chosen some free activities as well as some very budget-friendly activities that all families can enjoy, and I’m going to be sharing it all here on the blog.

Here’s what we’re going to be up to the week of July 9-13

Magic with Glen @ Wake County Library

Glen Foster has been a Disney Cruise Ship Magician as well.

Apparently, I am one of the last to know that our local Wake County libraries host a number of family friendly free events.  This week we will be checking out magician Glen Foster. He is supposed to be fantastic. You do have to make a reservation to attend some the events.  Some are very popular so make sure to keep an eye out for the events that you’re really interested in attending. I am excited to see how the Barrett Babes respond to Glen’s magical act!


Photo taken from Exhibit’s Home Page

Mazes & Brain Games @ The NC Natural Sciences Museum: while this exhibit has been on available since January, I thought it this week would be a great time for tease our brains a bit.  The exhibit includes quite a bit to get the creative juices flowing. I think my seven year old will enjoy this the most, but the littlest Barrett Babe is sure to be mentally stimulated as well.

Image of Wind-Down Wednesday at Waverly Place

We’re going to “Elevate our Everyday” at Waverly Place.  I love music, and I love dancing, and by default so do my kids.  This week for Wind-Down Wednesday, Liquid Pleasure is going to be delighting us with their soulful voices at Waverly Place.  I grew up listening to this local band, and I cannot wait to share this experience with my Babes.  Waverly also features a splash pad and playground for the kids as well.

It’s Peach Season at the State Farmers’ Market

Fresh Food Fix @ State Farmers’ Market By far, my favorite fruit is peaches, and this week the State Farmers’ Market is hosting peach day, and the Barrett Babes will be there!  I am definitely going to be partaking in some peachy delights and bringing some home to enjoy for later too!

What craziness will Drac and the crew be up to on their Summer Vacation?

I would like to make one day a lazy day, set aside to recuperate from the week’s activities and reflect on all that we explored.  I think this week, we’ll do that on Friday, the 13th! We’ll be going to see the third Hotel Transylvania movie. This happens to be one Tamia’s favorite series. She has been anticipating this movie ALL SUMMER, so I hope it does not disappoint.  

The best part about planning out our adventures is that I get to plan our outfits too.  Knowing our itinerary means that I can plan our gear accordingly.   Basically, my belief is that when you know where you’re going, then you know what you’re  wearing.  I have included some items for moms and babes.

I will be sharing our experiences on my InstaStories.  Follow me on Instagram, so you can experience our little excursions firsthand!  Let me know if you like my list of adventures.  I’d also love to hear about how you’re spending your Summer break with the kids.