Gifts for the Best Mom Ever!

Posted May 6, 2018 by tambarr1 in Busy Momming, Busy Shopping, Favorites / 0 Comments

Mother’s Day is upon us yet again, and yet again, I am sure husbands and children alike are wondering how to celebrate the women in their lives. Well, here’s my take on the subject. I think that it would be a good idea to celebrate moms completely and by that, I mean celebrate the whole woman because that’s how moms love– with their whole being.  Moms make the most sacrifices, wipe the most tears, and send the sweetest texts. Moms are the most patient, the most understanding, and are the most proud. They give their minds, their hearts, and their souls to those they love. So if you are looking for ways to celebrate Moms, consider the whole woman from her thoughtful head to her tired feet.

So what do thoughtful, loving, and sacrificing women need?  They need gifts that truly show they have been considered.

A while ago I read an article about protecting our hair and skin from the elements, and since reading that article, I have become obsessed with scarves, hats, and even sunscreen. So one way to celebrate Mom is to let her know you are thinking about her protecting her hair and her skin.

I absolutely love hats and scarves, so receiving either one of these items as a Mother’s Day gift would make me smile. So, yes, buy her a nice hat, a printed scarf, a fly pair of sunglasses, some of her favorite skin care products, or go so far as to treat her with a gift card from her stylist to get her hair done. Any of these would be perfect for the very important woman in your life and any of them would show her how you want to preserve her and help her age gracefully.

Moms always act with love. They have their own special way of doing things: cooking and cleaning, even yelling and fussing.  What I’m trying to say is that whatever they do, they do it with love. They make it their duty to create a home where love abides, and most of the time, they do it not for a thank you, but because it is just their way. A mother’s heart is a complicated organ, yet it isn’t complicated at all. Whenever I think of a mother’s heart, I think of Pastor Shirley Caesar’s song “No Charge”, and I am immediately reminded of what a Mother’s Love looks. She sings,

“For the nine months I carried you,
holding you inside me, No charge.
For the nights I sat up with you doctored you prayed for you, no charge,
for the time and the tears and the cost through the years, there’s no charge,
Add it all up the full cost of my love is no charge.”

Beautiful right? So for the woman who has given her all, take Mother’s Day to care for her heart. I am in love with the Phenomenal Woman T-shirt. I believe every woman (even those who are not yet mothers) need to be reminded of just how phenomenal they really are. I also like the Woman Warrior Bracelet: the proceeds from this purchase go to aid both women and veterans. I also have my eye on 2 books that I have been wanting to read- one book is Grace Not Perfection and the other is 100 Days to Brave.  I think ALL women could benefit from these books.

Ultimately, what Mom doesn’t love to be pampered. So of course treating her to a day at the spa or treating her to a nice mani-pedi would put her on cloud nine. I haven’t had a massage in about 4 years, and believe me when I tell you that I am long overdue for one, and my aching muscles and joints would agree. So of course, a gift card to her favorite nail salon or masseuse would be delightful, but just in case those aren’t options for you here are a few more!

Of course flowers and gift cards are always welcome, but the most important thing to remember is that Moms need love too, so be gentle with her and love her to the fullest.

So get busy loving Mom, she deserves it!  Wishing you and your families the happiest Mother’s Day of all!