Tam Talks Coupons

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True Story

Last week I bought 53 items for less than $100 from Harris Teeter!  How did I make that happen? By shopping on sale, using coupons, and using rebates.

Let me start by saying, there is more than one way to make couponing work for you, I am just sharing my experience with you so that you can get a better understanding of why it’s so important for you to shop sales and use coupons when you shop so that you can begin to save as much as you can as soon as you can.

Why I started

Well, after I had baby number 3, I knew that I had to do something different in order to be able to afford daycare and still be able to buy all the things that we need.

How it happened

One day when I was grocery shopping, this nice lady saw me using the peel- off coupons for the Special-K snacks, and she was kind enough to spark a conversation with me about how she saves a lot of money and sometimes gets free items by using coupons.  Right away, I wanted to know how.  She went on to tell me about this website called theharristeeterdeals.com where Nikki, the site manager, curates all the weekly deals and sales at Harris Teeter and even goes so far as to provide the links to the coupons for the items.  I was instantly hooked.  Because who doesn’t want to save money?  She suggested that I join the Harris Teeter Deals Facebook group where Nikki and other group members share daily savings updates.  At this point, my excitement had reached an all time high, and right then and there in the middle of the meat department, I pulled out my phone, and I requested to be added to the group.  Long story short, I have been saving ever since.

How you can start saving:

  1. If you aren’t already, become a VIC card customer
  2. Download the HT app so that you can clip HT eVIC coupons (loaded onto your VIC card, you enjoy double savings if you have a like manufacturer coupon)
  3. View the HT weekly sales, eVIC specials, Savings Alerts
  4. View the Harris Teeter Deals updates on FB for up to the minute updates
  5. Clip your coupons both digitally and those you receive from newspaper inserts.
  6. Create some form of system to organize your coupons to make for a focused and smooth shopping experience.
  7. Download these 3 Rebate Apps (in order of my faves): 1. Ibotta, 2. Checkout 51, and 3. MobiSave Rebates.  Now you have to do more than download them, you actually have to use them.
  8. Organize your shopping list based on what’s on sale, match your coupons, and go shopping.


Now that I know firsthand how life changing clipping some coupons can be, “I can’t pay full price”! I mean seriously, when it comes to saving money, everyone should be on board.  I actually enjoy couponing now; it has really made shopping less of a chore.  I enjoy being able to stock up and save, give my college student a box of goodies, or take advantage of being able to pay nothing for the items we need. I think the option to save thousands of dollars is ideal, and I want you to be able to spend less so that you can afford to do more with the ones who are priceless!

Good luck and happy savings!  Let me know how it goes; I can’t wait to hear from you!