Friday Fajita Fiesta

Posted May 5, 2017 by tambarr1 in Cooking With Tam / 0 Comments


In case you hadn’t noticed, today is Cinco de Mayo, and in its honor and also because I love Mexican food, I am going to share with you a quick fajita Slow-Cooker meal that will take you literally no time to whip up.  I love this recipe because everything you need is already prepared, you just need to dump it, set your Slow Cooker, and wait for it to cook.  I cook this meal for about an 1 hour and a half.  First adding the chicken, a cup of water, and the Fajita Mix in your Slow Cooker. Allow it to cook for an hour, and then pour in the bag of peppers and onions the last 30 minutes, so that your peppers and onions don’t overcook.  When all is said and done, I usually make Fajita bowls with black beans and rice, or I make a good old Fajita topped with sour cream and cheese.  Basically, you can do whatever you’d like.  Mix up a nice Margarita or two, and call it a Fajita Fiesta! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

What you need:

Perdue Chicken Short Cuts (I use the grilled)

Frozen Peppers and Onions Medley

Fajita Mix Packet