I Love Hobos!

Posted February 6, 2017 by tambarr1 in Fashion / 0 Comments

Make a statement!
  Springtime Pink Large Hobo

When I walked into my Target a couple of weeks ago, I was immediately distracted by their new display of Large Hobo handbags, like I needed another pocket book (that’s what I call them), but there was something about this one that beckoned me to it.  I went over to touch the Springtime Pink one because duh, pink!  I wanted to know if it felt as good as it looked and oh. my. goodness. it did!  The pebbled leather felt awesome and the size of the bag was very appealing.  I noticed right away that it was large enough for me to carry my iPad, my phone, my wallet, and my Happy Planner all at the same time.  So whether or not it would be functional was a no brainer. I concluded within seconds that this bag was a keeper.  But even with all those pros, I walked away from it for a couple of reasons: 1. because I was not ready to just choose one of the bags to purchase because the colors were so pretty, I wanted all 6 of them (yes 6!) and 2. even though it was affordable, I wasn’t ready to pay $34.99 for it.  So instead of being drawn in by the bull’s eye trance, I stayed focused, bought what I came to purchase, and just admired the the handbags online.

Well it was either luck or patience, but now all lady’s accessories and  handbags are BOGO 50% off  and right before Valentine’s Day, perfect right?  So tell your S/O about that hobo pocket book at Target that you’d love to have and he’ll be happy to buy you 2 especially since you’re not asking for an expensive Michael Kors or some other pricey bag.  Anyway, you’ll be more than happy with this bag.  It’s beautiful!  I know because I now own 2: a pink one and a black one.   So while the getting is good, tell your hubby or your boyfriend to buy it for you, or heck, buy it for yourself.  You will be thrilled that you did! I sure am!