what’s changing?

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Lately, I have been noticing something different about myself. I don’t know why the change is happening, but I do know that I have been more anxious, less patient, and more distracted  than usual. I have even been thinking a lot more than usual (I didn’t even think that was even possible). So I asked myself three questions about the changes that I am experiencing within, and while I don’t quite understand the changes that are taking place, I am already aware of one thing: I am not the person I used to be.


Is it my heart that’s changing?

Sometimes He's trying to change your heart quotes religious god heart life change:

Is it my mind that’s changing?

Or is it my soul that’s changing?

I wasn't planning on doing a word of the year this year. Last year my word was Grace, which was perfect because I needed a lot of grace and needed to give a lot of grace last year. (Please note: I ...:

Whatever or wherever the change is, I pray that it grows me!

Discover your mind, discover your soul. Learn your heart, learn to grow. Picture Quote #1

In The Waves Of Change We Find Our True Direction: