I am a Lifestyle Blogger!

Posted January 5, 2016 by tambarr1 in Cooking With Tam, family and home, Fashion, Favorites / 0 Comments

I am a lifestyle blogger. What does that mean exactly?  It means, I blog about my interests and the many facets of my life. So here on the blog, on any given day, you might find a post about a slow-cooker recipe that I have recently tried, an outfit of the day that was too cute not to share. Or you might just as well find a rant about one of my latest concerns, or you could run across a post where I am celebrating someone special, bragging about one of my daughters (or both), or highlighting a diy project or a change I made to my home decor. At any rate, there is no way of knowing which of my many thoughts I might be blogging about. Because my life is varied, my blog is varied.

Okay, so by now, you have to be wondering what this particular post is about. Well in short, it is about me letting you know that my 2016 “blogger goal” is to try to calm this scattered brain of mine by fine tuning some things here on the blog. I plan to be more strategic about my blog posts, and I plan to align blog posts more with the facets of my life. For instance, I have come to realize that even though I have a flair for fashion, I am not a fashion blogger, and for this reason, I should not try to be one. Why? Because I am a lifestyle blogger.

So as I venture to bring you more consistent posts of delicious recipes, chic outfits, and inspiring ideas (and a little randomness), you can be sure that I will focus on the following areas of my life: family, career, faith, and passion. In the meantime, I ask for your patience as I endeavor to bring you a year of content rich and blog-worthy posts.