Yes I Can Monday!

Posted March 23, 2015 by tambarr1 in family and home / 0 Comments

I needed an extra push this morning in a big way. My school district has decided that this week, Spring Break Week, would be the perfect time for us to make up the days Mother Nature took away from us. Boy, am I glad that I did nothing school related during those 3 days we had off:). At any rate, I am not too sore about having to make these days up this week, and if the next 2 days prove to be as promising as today, I’m going to be just fine!

Today was a great start to my week, here’s why, 

Reason #1: Duck Donuts
#1 North West Community Church surprised us with a sweet treat this morning, donuts from Duck Donuts. I first heard about Duck Donuts from watching Tar Heel Traveler and I knew that I had to try them, but the only shops were at beach locations. Well, now they are local, and let me tell you, these donuts are not just good; they are an experience. As soon as I bit into my warm powdered sugar donut, I instantly became mad. yes mad. Why? Because I knew that if I kept eating the donut it would soon be gone, and I would need another one. Now that’s a good donut! So I am sending a huge thank you to Northwest Church for the special treat this morning, and thank you Duck Donuts for coming into my life and forever changing it!

Reason #2: Wrangle the Paperwork

The upside of coming to work is that I’d either be at home avoiding the mounds of paperwork that are my life or I’d be out spending money that I don’t have. This way, both I and my students have the opportunity to get caught up.

#3 What I Learned

So I am going to make the best of these three days of work because as we know attitude is 99% of the battle!

Happy Monday!