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Yes, I do have a woman crush, and I am sure that I am not the only woman to find herself quietly admiring another woman. My crush however has far exceeded one day of the week, it has actually been in existence for years now. So who is this amazing woman that has captivated me for years, from her role as Kat on Guiding Light to Nina in Love Jones and then on to Jordan in The Best Man?  Well, she is none other than the timeless beauty, Ms. Nia Long.  

Nia from left- Guiding Light, Love Jones, The Best Man Holiday

It goes without saying that Nia Long is beautiful. So naturally when I realized that I was not going to look like a 25 year old forever (without some effort on my part), I turned to Nia Long (44) for my inspiration. Nia is flawless. Nia is classy. Her skin is beautiful, her smile is dazzling, and her hair (long or short) is always on point. She is the epitome of beauty, thereby making her the perfect model for me to emulate when it came time to reinvent myself and embrace my 40’s! So I researched Nia’s look, and much to my surprise, she had shared her beauty secrets.  And even though I was mostly interested in her skin care secrets, because she always looks so radiant and sun kissed, I will share all that I found, and let me tell you, I struck gold! 

Nia’s Skin Care Regimen

 Jason C
Home Health Almond Glow– I use the Lavender Scent 
Jason C Effects Creme– Make sure that
Exfoliate Skin- I make my own exfoliation from a recipe I found on the Internet: organic raw brown sugar, organic coconut oil, honey, and vanilla. (I love this stuff; it makes my body irresistibly soft- even for me)
Clarisonic– can be used on your face or your body

Nia gets regular facials and she does have microdermabrasion treatments as well. Using the Clarisonic could aid also aid you in your attempt to get obtain glowing sun-kissed skin. The Clarisonic is an investment that is well worth it.  And yes, the Clarisonic does work well on women of color! 

Nia’s Hair Care Products

One thing is certain, and that is that Nia’s hair is thick and beautiful. She admits that when she isn’t working (she wears weave when she’s working) that she uses Keratase Magnifique Thick, which works wonders for thick hair. Luckily, Keratase also has a regimen for fine or thinning hair as well. Which is a good thing for women life me, women with fine and/or thinning hair. Another thing women with thinning hair should do is minimize the amount of heat they apply to their hair, and if they can, they should allow their hair to air dry. Additionally, for extra protection against the elements (wind and sun, etc) it is important for ALL women to wear a hat or scarf to protect their hair and scalp. And last but still very important, women need to invest in a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen especially if they spend any amount of time outside.  

Does Nia’s Beauty Plan Work For Me?
I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin and its overall appearance. I do glow. I also notice that when I do not follow my skin regimen as I should, I don’t look like I have a natural shine. Therefore, I make it my priority to follow my skincare regimen daily. I know that being the best me starts with how I look, just ask Nia. Where do you think it starts?

Nia 2014 NAACP Awards

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