planners, planners, everywhere, but which one is for me?

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At the start of 2015, I needed a planner, and I am sure that I do not need to tell you that finding the perfect planner for me became somewhat of an obsession (why- because it’s what I do). Well during my search, I discovered that the world has gone daft over filofax and erin condren planners. I even found myself being oddly attracted to the books/folios filled with paper, but I had a hard time convincing myself to spend $$$ on a planner especially when I knew my budget was $.  I mean really, just how much does should it cost for a woman to organize/plan/strategize her life for a year? There were so many planners to choose from, and after acquiring a taste for the filofax and condren planners, the ones sold in stores just could not measure up. I was left feeling unfulfilled. Then it hit me- I could make my own planner, and by doing so, ensure that it would be the perfect planner for me. Thanks to Pinterest, Strange & Charmed (my blog crush), and the many people who have created and shared free filofax inserts, that’s just what I did. 

Here’s what I came up with…
All items purchased from Target #TheRedDot 
were less than $30.00
Items used to make planner:

Mead 3 Ring Binder- 1 inch binder 7 in x 9 1/8- Stationary Section
File Folders- The One Spot
Mini Clipboard- The One Spot
Grip Headbands– Hair Accessories
2 Blank Greeting Cards- The One Spot
Burlap Bag- The One Spot
Sticky Dots and Notes- The One Spot
2-Sided Adhesive Tape- Stationary
 Yoobi Happy Office Mini Supply Kit- Stationary

Happy Creating!