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I love to save money just as much as the next person.  Saving money feels good, and it makes me happy.  Unfortunately for me, saving money is one of those occasions that I tend to celebrate by spending more money (no discipline).  But I mean, if I find a good deal, I should buy more, right?  Amazingly, some people are actually able to buy more and spend less. What’s the secret?  Let me in on it!  

Whatever the secret, be it clipping coupons, great budgeting, or white magic, I haven’t quite found a system that works for me.  Why not?  Well for one, with my addictive personality, couponing, while helpful, would overwhelm me and become my next obsession (not good). Budgeting is tough for me because, as I stated above, I have no discipline. And therefore, with no real chance of gaining magical powers, I stand alone trying to figure out how to save money, buy what my family needs (not stockpile), and maintain my sanity (somehow).  

Here’s where I’ll start…

Shopping goal for 2015:  Buy what I need and save where I can.  

My Strategy (work in progress):
1. Download these apps: Target (Cartwheel), Harris Teeter (e-Vic), Wal-Mart (Savings         
    Catcher).  Are there more?
2. Use WRAL Smart Shopper to find deals and for printable coupons.
3. Clip coupons and separate into categories.  
3. Preview all weekly sales ads online to generate a list per store (Harris Teeter, Food Lion,     etc.)
4. Create a weekly/bi-weekly meal plan (Slow Cooker Saturdays)
5. Make a shopping list based on items needed for the weekly meal plan (sale items) and 
     place a star* beside items on list for which I have a coupon.  Don’t deviate from list.
6. Use coupons for items on list.
7. Shop at Aldi for some items: fruit, veggies, and staple items (flour, cooking oil, sugar).

How am I doing?  So far, I have been successful.  How?  Two words: Harris Teeter (HT).  I love HT, and so does Tamia.  She thinks it’s a restaurant, especially on Sundays when they offer lunch all the samples.  Most people think “the teeter” is too expensive, but I don’t. Since I only shop there for sale items and Meal Deals, I feel like I am always saving.  For instance, this week, HT has great deals all around.  I was able to stock my freezer with meats for the next 3 weeks for under $45 (meat budget).  I bought 5 packs of chicken breasts, a chuck roast, and a pack of stew beef for $43.67 (before taxes).  I’m super excited about this!  I just have to stay the course and refine my system.  I am always looking for ways to become a savvier shopper.  Your tips are welcome here, so share them!