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The task of setting goals and making sure they are accomplished is no easy feat for most people- myself included.  Who am I kidding, I suck at it! I am particularly weak when it comes to being distracted, and my distractions can range from shiny objects or gadgets to Monk or Bones marathons.  I am easily swayed.  So when the time came for me to create goals for the new year, I had to really think about the areas of my life in need of restoration. This is the result.
“The Restoration of Tamara”
1. Be honest with myself and learn to trust myself.
2. Speak wisely or remain silent (we all have this right).   
3. Have dinner with my grandparents once a month.
4. Gather ALL of my debts, and one by one, make them disappear (ongoing).
5. Contact one old friend each month and set a meet-up place and time.
6. Complete my National Board Certification Renewal process (banking on this).
7. Participate in the Pay-it-Forward initiative. 
8. Complete a 5K (specifically Run for the Roses– Click here to join me).
9. Enroll my 4 yr old in a gymnastics class (suggestions welcome), and send my 19 yr old a surprise package (shh, she can read).
10. Choose optimism over pessimism whenever possible.  I will share my “uh oh” moments.
11.  Volunteer my time.
12. Find a church home.

I chose goals (some easily attainable and some challenging) that will make me better than I was before.  I chose goals that will strengthen me. Because at 40 yrs old, I realize that being a better person means to create better habits.