BBQ Sandwiches

Woo!  Words escape me when it comes to describing how delicious this slow-cooker BBQ is. I am here to report that I really outdid myself this time, with the help of a recipe of course. Admittedly, this slow-cooker meal/recipe is an overnight one (takes 8 hrs to cook).  So in the future, I will prepare this to cook overnight on a Friday night, complete the finishing touches on Saturday morning, run my errands, and return to enjoy.  So here are some images of my process.  If you choose to try this at home, you will not be disappointed.  Just so you know, I made no adjustments to the recipe!  I followed the instructions to a “T”, and BAM- no more buying BBQ from a drive-thru for me! 

Recipe via Food Network

Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches work well when served with baked beans, french fries, and coleslaw, or if you are preparing a pulled pork for a Sunday meal, skip the bun, add a green vegetable like cabbage or collard greens, throw in some sweet potatoes or potato salad, and piece of cornbread, and you’re eating “high on the hog” or at least it will seem like it. Either way, you will enjoy this dish!