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“It’s been a long ..

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If you are from my day then you know the rest of the lyrics, “I shouldn’t have left you without a strong [post] to step to”. Like Eric B and Rakim wanted to keep the beats coming, I want to keep the blog posts coming, but sometimes life gets in the way of what we […]

Look at what I made!

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Look at what I made!

For this school teacher, Spring Break does not actually mean going on an awesome vacation. For me, it actually means get your crap together because this is really the last time you’re going to have off from now until Memorial Day (a mouthful, right?).  Well, it’s true,  and a part of me getting my crap together actually includes […]

what’s changing?

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what’s changing?

Lately, I have been noticing something different about myself. I don’t know why the change is happening, but I do know that I have been more anxious, less patient, and more distracted  than usual. I have even been thinking a lot more than usual (I didn’t even think that was even possible). So I asked myself three […]

(Stove Top & in 1 Pot) Ch..

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(Stove Top & in 1 Pot) Chicken and Dumplings

Okay, if you came here looking for the Slow-Cooker version of Chicken and Dumplings that I promised you, just nix that idea. Why? Because to be completely honest, I “jacked up” my slow cooker dumplings, lol! You see, when I was using my slow cooker, my dumplings were a little too doughy, a result I attribute to […]

“I’m not your Supe..

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“I’m not your Superwoman!”

  A page from the earlier chapters of my life… When I was back in junior high school, I had a boyfriend (who shall remain nameless). He was actually my first boyfriend, and our story is not really all that different from others I have heard. Let’s see. Boy likes girl. Girl starts to like boy. Boy and […]

30 Days of Love!

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30 Days of Love!

Me and my hubby in 2008 (we were so cute) Yes, as we all know, February is the month for love! And because I am not always the easiest person to love or to show love (especially) when it comes to my spouse, I thought that a love challenge would be just the thing to […]

A Teacher’s Rant!

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A Teacher’s Rant!

  Usually when I tell people that I am a teacher, they respond by saying something like this: “Oh really, I’m sorry,” “God bless you,” or “They just need to pay y’all better.”  Every once in a while, someone might have some encouraging words to share, but for the most part, the responses are usually really […]