“so this is christmas”

John Lennon’s lyrics have a marvelous way of resonating with me. At first it was “Imagine” that made me realize that I am indeed a dreamer. I think I was 13 or 14 years old when I first heard the song, and it was Tracie Spencer singing it.  I thought that it was her song until, I […]

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The Big Fake Wedding- Raleigh!

214 MARTIN STREET, RALEIGH, NC 27601  NOVEMBER 12, 2015 – CEREMONY AT 7PM. The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional ceremony, a tasty dinner and a dance-party reception. “Wedding guests” are brides-and-grooms-to-be who get to truly experience the wedding vendors in action. If you have read I Choose Love, then you […]

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slow-cooker cubed steak

I know that many of you, myself included, are used to preparing your cubed steak on top of the stove. Coating the steak with flour, frying it in the skillet, and then making gravy from the remnants.  While, I don’t mind preparing it in this way, I have found that it never comes out as […]

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“13 nights of Halloween”

I don’t know how or when this happened, but Halloween is Tamia’s favorite holiday.  She loves the songs, the decorations, the costumes, and oh yeah, the candy; she loves it all. And here we are 13 days away from Halloween, and we are still without a costume. We have had some ideas, but little miss […]

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beautiful minds

I love to inspire others and be inspired in return.  Thank you all for your support. It’s been 10 months for me on the blog, and I hope you have been pleased enough to keep visiting and reading because there’s one thing for sure, I definitely plan to keep writing!

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octobers are for pirates

When I read this poem, I immediately thought of my beloved Alma Mater East Carolina University, and even though Raider Nation has made it a part of their battle cry, I say a pirate is a pirate, and I am a Pirate of ECU, HEY! Pillage away, Pirates! ARRGH! By Steve Sabol

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“thirty minutes of wonderful”

Tamia- my something wonderful This morning, I woke up later than usual and had very little time to spare. You see, I have to leave home “at bedtime” which is how Tamia refers to it since it’s still dark when I am leaving my house. For this reason, I try to make as little noise […]

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scandals, fairy tales, and murder, oh my

As my fellow Gladiators and I unite to embark on what we hope will be another scandalous season, there are a few things I have to say: 1. I am 100% team Fitz. 2. Olivia’s father might really be Satan, and 3. Huck needs some serious psychological help ASAP. Now that I have that out […]

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shift in seasons

It’s fall y’all! Outfit Details: Cardigan (old, but others here and here), Old Navy Shift Dress (here and here) Seychelles Gamble Sandals (here) I am pretty sure that I have mentioned how much I love a shift dress, but just in case I haven’t done so, let me tell you now, “I love a shift dress!” Known […]

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