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When it comes to my kind of movie, more than likeable characters, I love to laugh and be entertained.  I also love it when the movie includes other qualities like a hint of mystery and suspense (cause I don’t do horror at all), some problems that need solving, some over the top action, and of course a small dose of drama because I really don’t like to cry. For the most part, I just summed up Bad Boys for Life.  For years, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery have been two of my favorite characters mainly because they are portrayed by two icons: Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. The chemistry that the two creates is magical, and I am glad that a third movie was created.  Without telling you too much about the movie, I’ll just highlight the themes that I loved. You know me, forever the English teacher.


The movie hits home for me because it highlights the natural progression of life- youth to old age.  This is a theme that hits close to home for me because “aging is a bitch”. While I’d like to think that I am handling with the grace of acceptance, the look on my face when I look in the mirror tells me otherwise.  The same can be said for Marcus and Mike. Of course Marcus is ready to lay down the badge, and this comes as no surprise, as he has been threatening to quit since the first Bad Boys movie. But Mike Lowery on the other hand is not accepting the fact that life does happen, we do get older, and there are some regrets we have to face before our lives end.  If you have followed the duo since the inception of these movies, this is one of the realest aspects of the movie. 

Faith and Acceptance

I also like the fact that the idea of faith and acceptance as a focal point of the film.  It’s only natural that as people get older, they begin to reflect on their life’s experiences. They begin to wonder “what if?” I have always been one to avoid asking myself, “What if?”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand those who spend their time wondering what would have happened or could have happened if things would have gone differently. But when it’s all said and done, the truth is, no one knows; therefore, it’s more important to focus on faith and acceptance. While Marcus battles with his faith, Mike battles with acceptance, and the balance is amazing. They play off of one another so well, and their interactions prove to me why it is important to have a best friend, “a ride or die.” Which brings me to the next theme- friendship and family.

Friendship and Family

Years ago, I worked at a place I loved. I both liked and loved my coworkers. They spoke my language, they shared in my life experiences, and they became my family.  Not that I don’t have a semblance of that where I am now, it’s just not on the same level, and that happens. The movie does a good job of exemplifying this theme as it picks right back up with the realities of life.  Marcus and Mike are indeed family, and so is the captain. I love the way they “get” one another, and I especially love how authentic their love, their annoyances, and their concerns play out on the screen.  With all the challenges Marcus and Mike endure, it is good to know that they have someone or a couple of someones looking out for them, and while the family has grown older, their attitudes really haven’t changed at all.  Captain is still “Cap” with his cursing ass, and Theresa is still withholding sex from Marcus, lol. But while the regular crew hasn’t changed much, some changes were made.

Change and Advancements

Progress requires change, and while sometimes that change is welcomed, sometimes it isn’t. I mean I can’t tell you how crazy it is to be aging in this technologically-advanced world.  I can legit remember logging onto the Internet for the first time (whatever happened to AOL?), and how surreal it felt having access to so much information. I say all that to say that life moves way too fast, and I’m pretty sure the Boys (especially Mike) feel the same way as they have to cut ties with their old way of doing things, and adapt to a new technological approach.  In this rendition, they have to form new bonds with a team who does not fall in sync with their usual way of handling business. The new team steps on the scene with a savvy technological approach” to police business verus Marcus and Mike’s abrasive bust through the door, kick yo ass, and ask questions later approach.  The contrast of the old way in comparison to the new way is hilarious, and while the two teams do have different tactics, Mike learns that “you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

With everything that I mentioned, the movie does have quite a few twists and turns, and there are moments when you will be completely shocked; the third movie in a franchise tends to do that, and trust me, you will be surprised.  Why, because in life there are always things that are out of our control that come back to bite us in the ass, and the lesson is learned from how we venture to solve those issues, and those choices either make us or break us. This too is the case for our favorite Bad Boys for Life Marcus and Mike.  Is the movie perfect, no, but it definitely is a must see.   

I loved the movie, and I will definitely see it again. I recommend that you check it out and drop back by to let me know your thoughts.  Until next time, have a great week!

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