Creating Your Own Personal Spa

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Hey y’all! I’ve made it my goal to make every room in my apartment a place that brings me joy. Last month I shared with you my Cozy Corner, and this month, I’m going to be sharing with you my master bathroom transformed into my own personal spa.

I did do a little research, but ultimately, I came up with the 7 items I would need to take my bathroom space from “Blah to Spa”.  Let’s check it out!

1. A Soothing Color:

Years ago my favorite soothing color was a Restoration Hardware color called Silver Sage. It was the color of my bedroom. So when I saw the chose my towels and rugs, I chose something that reminded me of that tint: Aqua Gray by Nate Berkus Project 62 was perfect.

Aqua Gray Towels and Mats (here) and (here), and (here)

2. A Luxurious Robe:

Of course no Spa experience is complete without a spa-worthy robe, and while I have robes, none of them make me feel like I’ve been taken away like this one does. It’s soft and it’s welcoming.  It makes my daily experience even more spa like.

Threshold Spa Robe (here), Other Robes (here and here)

3. A Shower Bench:

This is the first time I’ve ever been without a bathtub, and while I do take showers the majority of the time, I still enjoy a nice bath every once and a while. Now that I have a shower bench, I don’t miss that occasional bath, I just sit back and let my shower wash my troubles away. I love my Teak shower bench from TJ Maxx. I was actually searching for a Bamboo bench, just because they’re cheaper, but I happened to visit TJ Maxx on the right day, and there she was! The perfect bench at the perfect price.

Shower Bench (here) and (here)

4. A Natural Scene:

I chose to complete my Spa Scene by adding hints of nature so that my space would feel like a true escape. The shades of green help to maintain a serene setting. I got the idea to hang fresh eucalyptus from my shower from a Free People blog post I read a while back, and it has truly changed my shower experience.  The aroma that comes from the eucalyptus when the shower steams up is divine and so revitalizing; it really has transformed my shower experience. As for my other greenery, I picked up my faux plants and succulants from Target and TJ Maxx.  I went, I saw, and I bought! Lol!

Hanging Plant (here), Seagrass Hanging Basket (here)

5. The Perfect Self-care Experience:

Ever since the Harry’s razor came on the scene for men, I’ve been just a little envious. Why? Because women love the feel of quality razor as well. So I am thrilled that they introduced a line for women: Flamingo. I’m not exactly what you might call a high-maintenance woman, but I do love to feel like a woman, and a good razor can be life changing.

Flamingo Razor (here), Shaving Cream (here)

6. Luxurious Spa-like Towels: This one is a no-brainer.  I have always loved having a matching set of towels. Why save your matching towels for guests that may never come. Use them yourself. It’s one of the little things that I take pleasure in.

Nate Berkus Towels (here) and (here)

7. Quotes of Affirmation: Good Morning, Beautiful, refresh, renew, choose fabulous! Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s important to rest and renew just much as we work. I am reminded of this daily.

Relax (here), Refresh (here), Good Morning Beautiful (here)

To make the experience complete, I usually light some candles and listen to some calming spa music (like the Spa Treatment station on Spotify), but every now and then, I’ll bring in my essential-oil diffuser to change the atmosphere.

Candles (here) and (here), Diffuser (here)

I love starting and ending my day in this space. I have not only taken my bathroom from “Blah to Spa”, but this space takes my day from “Blah to Ahh”.


Shop the Threshold Gold Collection (here)


Natural Wood Round Metal Wall Hanging (here)


Project 62 Gold Wastebasket (here)


So here it is, my place of calm and serenity. I absolutely am overjoyed with how it all came together.  I believe that we all deserve a space to refresh and relax.  So happy I made it happen.

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  1. Aviance

    I absolutely love everything about this. Simple yet super chic. I love the fact that you’re cultivating your space to make it so soothing, it’s good to have a peaceful place when you have a long day!