Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

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“I feel like I have a new room,” said Tamia as we , she and I together, put away her clean clothes in the proper places.  I said, “you do have a new room.” Do you like it? Her reply, three sweet words, “I love it.”

When we moved into our house, I was newly pregnant, and not at all in the decorating mood.  I had ideas, I mean, I always have ideas, but I didn’t have the energy to bring any of the ideas to life.  

Fast forward 18 months…

It’s been close to two years now, and I finally have the time and energy to create an inviting space for Tamia. It was not until I came across the Paisley Opalhouse peel and stick wallpaper at Target that my vision began to take shape. The wallpaper was girly and it had the right combination of colors: the perfect paisley print and purplish pink color. Even though I knew I wanted to use the wallpaper, I didn’t buy it right away because I wasn’t quite sure if I’d find the bedding (or anything else for that matter) to complement it. Not too long afterwards, my challenge came to an end. I saw the perfect scalloped coverlet (Ashes of Roses) by Casa Zeta Jones on QVC.  It was the perfect hue, not too pink and not too purple, just right. So I ordered it right away.  The next day, I went to Target and bought the wallpaper and the big velvet floor pillow I had been eyeing as well. 

My inspiration (it’s sold out, but there are other designs)
Pink Floor Pillow (more lounge options) I love this pillow; I almost kept it for my room

With those items purchased, my vision continued to take shape.  I went on a hunt for sheets and other little items to pull it all together.  I ended up finding the perfect sheet set at Marshalls for just 16 bucks. I also purchased a little rug from Target. I gathered all of the items in a box and continued to envision the space.  Something was still off. The room was overcrowded. It not only needed a new look, it needed to be bigger.  That’s when it came to me to remove the massive headboard and footboard from her room. The furniture, while beautiful was simply too large for her space.  So it would be better to place her mattress on a bed frame to create more space in the room for her.

What is this underneath her bed?

All I needed was the time to get it all done.  Luckily, my sister-in-law called and asked if Tamia could spend the weekend with them a week earlier than we’d planned.  Her timing could not have been more perfect. As soon as Tamia left, I got busy. I took the bed apart and placed the mattress on the metal frame that used to hold my old bed.

The next thing for me to do was figure out which wall I would wallpaper.  Because I had no clue how to measure anything properly, I only purchased one roll of paper (never only purchase one roll).  I tried one wall, and that was a no go for sure.  Fortunately for me, I had the perfect place to put it. I decided to frame her closet door with it. It accentuated her space just the right amount.  

The peel and stick wallpaper is great for renters or if you like to change your space a lot, but be patient when applying, it can get sticky!!
Framed the closet with the wallpaper

Ridding the room of the large bed, freed up some space for me to add a little bedside table and a chair for her to use as an alternate place to sit or lounge.  So I grabbed a little metal bistro table from Michaels, and a chair from  Target.

I painted the silver legs 18 kt. gold with one can of Krylon paint to match her gold lamp (a previous Target purchase). I had originally planned to stencil the table, but I found these little decorative wall adhesives in Dollar Tree, so I snatched a couple of those instead.  It turned out to be the cutest little side table.

Krylon Paint (here) Bistro Table (here)
Faceted Lamp (here)
Corner hexagon chair (here) for lounging and reading

Once I placed everything in its place, there was still something not quite right.  I wanted minimal but it was just a little too bare.  So of course I made a Target run, and I have to tell you it was one of the best trips I have made in a long time.  I found a bed skirt (the perfect color) for six dollars, a decorative pillow for 7.50, and a shower curtain that was even on sale (I planned to use the shower curtain as her window treatment).  All items were either on clearance, on sale, or on cartwheel: the shopping trifecta!)

Before bedskirt and extra pillows and wall decor.
Bed with decorative Opalhouse pillow and bedskirt
Opalhouse “Dream Big Start Small” shower curtain (here) on a twist and shout no tools needed  curtain rod (here)

After all that, I focused on her wall decor.  First, I framed her name in a gold picture frame that I got from Michaels. I used some of the same peel and stick wallpaper as the background. I asked my co-worker to write a quote I’d found on a canvas (also from Michaels) for me, and she did a wonderful job.  I went to Kirklands with the idea of purchasing a mirror I had seen online and fallen in love with. However, once I got there I found out that the mirror I had my heart set on was sold out. I was set to leave the store when one of the associates (a sweet lady) asked me what I was planning to use the mirror for, so I showed her a picture of my space.  She immediately pointed out the most perfect frame to me. She called it a “princess frame.” She said it’s on sale, and it may work out better than the mirror you originally wanted. All it needs is a little TLC. The stars again aligned, and a mirror that was once 160.00 became mine for 40.00.

Curlicue Letters (here), Frame, and Canvas from Michaels.
By Linda Creative (If you contact her, tell her Tamara sent you)

After seeing the dark frame on the wall, I wasn’t pleased, so I decided to paint the frame to make it more suitable for the room. I removed the mirrors, painted the frame ivory, and rehung it on the wall. The difference was so dramatic.

After all that, I have to say, that I am happy with the result.  I had a vision, I created a plan, and I saw it through. I stuck to it, and I didn’t stop until it was all done.  Tamia, who used to spend most of her time in my bedroom, now spends a great deal of time in her own big-girl room.  She makes her bed daily, and she even vacuums her floor without being asked to do so. I tell you, if I had known that redoing her room would have had this effect, I would have done it much sooner.   

I do believe that it is important for everyone to have a place to retreat at the end of the day, even the little ones.   I love the positive affirmations around her room.  I want her to know that she is beautiful and that she is capable of making all her dreams come true.

Her smile says it all!


Stores I shopped at to create this space:

Target, Marshalls, Michaels, Kirklands, QVC, Walmart, and  Dollar Tree.



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