Bathroom Organization

Posted December 30, 2015 by tambarr1 in Talks with Tam / 0 Comments

While the rest of world has been obsessed with trying to figure out what outfit to wear to ring in the New Year, I have been obsessed  with trying to clean and organize my home so that I can ring in the New Year productively. Throughout the year cleaning and organizing become tasks that are always long overdue. But it is my 2016 goal and objective to make sure that all of my things have a place and that they stay there. For some, staying organized is easy, but for me, this task has proven to be most difficult.

So to get the ball rolling, I started with my bathroom. The place where my day begins and ends.  For this reason alone, this was the best place for me to begin to create some order in my life. Well, I won’t lie, some necessary purging needed to take place. I had some of everything on my counter and in my cabinet. I had new stuff, stuff on the verge of expiration, and stuff that had truly overstayed its welcome. I made it my goal to get rid of everything I did not need. After I had removed all the items, I discovered that I had enough crap products: make-up, lotions, and shampoo to give to at least three of my closest girlfriends, and what’s sad is that once upon a time, this stuff would have made nice gifts. To make the transition worthwhile, I picked up some organizational items from HomeGoods for less than $40, and I like the result. What do you think?


             20151221_203933 (1)           20151221_203905 (1)











Looks much better, right? I just hope I can keep it like this!

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