Currently Crushing: Express Jeans

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When I was growing up, back to school shopping meant getting new jeans. A fresh pair of jeans for the new school year was the must have item, just as important as notebook paper and pencils. While even though the paper and pencils are necessities, my clothing necessities have changed. As a teacher, any new article of clothing has to be teacher-appropriate, which I admit can be a little boring. So this year when I go shopping, I am going to be sure to add items that can take me from Teacher to Diva with ease, so I am looking to purchase some jeans that fit the bill, and Express was the first store that came to my mind. They claim to have the best jeans in America, so why not check them out to see if there is any truth to their claim. My only dilemma going in is finding the right fit of jeans to complement my body shape. Express offers so many styles, so finding the perfect jeans for me should be easy right? Let’s see…
I called my best friend in to assist me with my hunt, and we met up at Express to explore their jeans. Here are the ones I tried. First of all every pair I tried, had awesome stretch-ability which means if you have curves, these jeans will find them and hug them! See for yourself.

The Bell Flare 
+I love the sailor detail jeans, they feel great on 
-They are too long for the petite diva. I am 5’3, and I am wearing at least a 4 inch heel here. My shoe is completely covered under the bell flare. So Nah to these, but perfect for the 5’6 diva!


The Mid Rise Legging

+These jeans feel great on, they offer great coverage (no tummy issues or gap in the back), hug the hips
-They are too long therefore they gather at the knee and ankle
*length can be remedied with a visit to a tailor


The High Rise Legging
+Wow, look at my butt! These jeans really cover my not so flattering area, and hug all of my curves, they make me feel like a woman
-same as the mid-rise legging, they are too long for the petite diva, but again that is an easy fix 


The Slim Flare
+These jeans are PERFECT! They hit my heel perfectly and my shoe is not hidden underneath the flare. They hug the hips, and cover the dips.


None of the jeans restrict your movement in any way. They really feel like you have nothing on- free! Check out how much stretch the jeans have! 
You can move with ease, not discomfort or fear of showing too much!

                                     Lift up your legs 
                                 when you dance, lol!
   Bend down to pick something up,
 or drop it low on the dance floor!

Express jeans really are great (and I received nothing for saying that), they are true to size (because of the stretch factor), and they are nicely priced at the mid point for denim these days. But don’t let price come between you and the perfect pair of jeans. Get yours here!