Red Lips, Mossimo, and Madden!

Posted July 18, 2015 by tambarr1 in family and home / 0 Comments

There really is nothing greater than getting all dolled up to hang out with one of your best friends from college, especially when that girlfriend now lives in Germany and is in town for a limited amount of time. The impromptu outing turned out to be less about finding the right hangout spot in Raleigh, and more about pulling together a night out look for me the fashionable educator.

Now, while I have a lot of clothes, none of them are “(sexy) going out” clothes, they are “(appropriate) teacher clothes”. An occurrence that should never happen for a lady who needs to get a life outside of her job. So naturally, we focused our efforts on creating a look that was communicated anything but fashionable educator because teacher; I wanted a look that screamed, I am going dancing with my friend, and I am going to have fun. Here’s what we came up with, and I love everything about it! 

Red Lips + the Outfit

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