Currently Crushing: Summer Savings

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Being a dreamer often makes me do foolish things, and one of those foolish things is overspending. I simply consume too much. However, I am adamant about changing the way I view what I want and what I need. I am becoming more committed to saving money in all aspects of shopping.

1. Food Savings: Stop eating out! Most of the time, it’s not great anyway!
WRAL SmartShopper has become my best friend. I have begun to preview the blog (I love blogs) before going shopping and it helps. Another way to save is to actually break out the Slow Cooker for some year-round savings. I already know that slow cooking saves time and money, but some people y’all might still need some convincing. Well, here’s an article that pretty much sums up how to master the “Art of Slow Cooking”.   
Other ways to save:
-write a shopping list and stick to it
-make your list from the sales flyer
-invite friends over instead of going out
-kids eat free!?!? Where?
-know what you buy regularly and where to buy it cheaper or price match     

2. Clothing savings: Stop Collecting and Start Selling
About 3 months ago, I joined Poshmark about 3 months and within days, I had sold 2 of my Coach bags that I no longer carried. No, I didn’t get rich, but these bags were getting no use. Now they have new owners, and I have a little more cash. Poshmark is easier than easy. Just download the app, and start selling! Use my code, PPIKT, and receive a $5 gift card for signing up!

Shop more of my closet on Poshmark

3. Practice Patience: Ask yourself is this a need or a want? Will I regret buying this item?
10 second  rule
30 day rule

4. Don’t Spend Big Money Entertaining Kids! This box entertained her until she fell asleep!

Museums (pack a lunch and go)
– NC Museum of Natural Sciences
– NC Museum of Art

Carolina Parent– A Daily Event Calendar
Local Libraries and Book Stores- Barnes and Noble

5. A Beauty Regimen doesn’t have to break the bank!

I have a 5 minute beauty routine that I love. It includes 5 items, and makes me look sun kissed and summer ready!

Mary Kay gets you ready!

MK Primer (with SPF 15 sunscreen)