Target Tuesday!

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I’m Doing Cartwheels over the REDcard!

Last week when I was doing my weekly shopping, I came across a woman or fellow Target shopper who did not have a clue about the Target Cartwheel App. I was utterly surprised, especially since I have been using this app since June 2013. Here she was, an expectant mother, shopping with her 2 teenage daughters, about to pay full price for items when there was possibly a coupon that she could be using. Time was of the essence, and I felt that it was my “Red Dot” duty to share with her how she could get more for less. So I did, and she was hooked. Realizing that I had her full attention, I went all in, and told her about the card that has changed the way I shop, my Target REDcard. I told her that I use it more than I use my own bank debit card (I guess that means I shop at Target a lot).  Well, at least I know with every transaction made with my REDcard, I save an additional 5% off my purchase. I told her all of this, and left her to do her shopping. I continued on with my shopping as well. I didn’t know if what I had told her really resonated until she found me later and thanked me for telling her about the perks that Target offers. I left that day feeling great because I knew that I had helped a fellow mom feel good about buying the things her family needs and saving money at the same time. I have to say, it was a good day.

Running into that woman alerted me that I have much work to do because there are people who are still unaware of the good deals that Target has to offer, so if you find that you are one of those people, this post is for you. Now, I am pretty sure that if you are at all like me–someone who is interested in meeting the ever-changing needs of your family and saving money while doing so– then both the Cartwheel App and the REDCard will definitely come in handy. I love them both, but the REDcard can be used online everyday, and it even allows you to get free shipping when you shop from, not to mention the additional 5% savings for using the card to make purchases. I feel secure with the REDCard because I am saving money, and because my purchases are backed by Target, a brand I trust.

If you already use the App or have a REDcard, I’d love to hear about how much you love them. People need to know what they’re missing!  

Change the way you shop and Get your REDcard today! 

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