Surviving the Madness that is March!

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March is an important month for many reasons: it marks the beginning of spring, it’s Women’s History Month, and most important, it’s my birthday month :). But for the majority of warm-blooded Americans, March is the month of Basketball, a.k.a March Madness, and for those of you unfamiliar with the annual phenomena, it is that time of year when the NCAA college basketball tournament pretty much lasts all month long and interrupts your regularly-scheduled programs. And if you are from NC, like I am, the Madness also includes the ACC Tournament: the days before the NCAA Tournament when the State Capitol Building is pretty much quiet, and the early dismissals from school reach an all-time high. It is a wonder that we do not declare the week a state holiday! Trust me, no NC native would object! Why? Because we’ve all embraced the Madness, in fact, we welcome it.

You see for as far back as I can remember, the celebration of my birthday has been overshadowed by either the famous Tobacco Road Rivalry between the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils, or the ACC Tournament . For this reason alone, I learned to embrace sharing my day with these great NC teams at an early age, and let me tell you, that as a Carolina fan, nothing can dampen a celebratory mood like a UNC loss to Dook. 

Fortunately, we UNC fans solace ourselves with the fact that the ACC Tournament follows the last game ( a UNC/Duke game) of the regular season, and with that notion we silently pray for one more face off with the Blue Devils. Without a doubt, we’ll happily take the title of ACC Champs, and then move on to the NCAA Tournament. #surviveandadvance 

So how does one survive the Madness that is March? Why, it’s quite simple really, and it consists of 2 choices: either accept that it is happening, or avoid it altogether because honestly there be no road between! Go Tar Heels!

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2 responses to “Surviving the Madness that is March!

  1. Go Heels! My son's birthday is smack dab during the ACC tournament too and we've had to plan his birthday around the Heels schedule 🙂 Happy birthday. Thanks for linking up with Small Victories Sunday linkup fellow Tar Heel! Pinning to our linkup board and hope you join us again next week!

  2. Thanks so much, Tanya! Happy birthday to your son, and how about that, the Tar Heels are in the Sweet Sixteen! I love your blog, and I'll be linking up frequently!