weekending or nah?

Posted February 10, 2015 by tambarr1 in family and home / 0 Comments

weekending as defined by Urban Dictionary is…
To be participating in the activities generally associated with the weekend. Such activities include going out with friends, watching television, procrastinating from unpleasant tasks, etc. Antonym of Mondaying.

So this is what “weekending” looks like for me
I was in bed by ten
Breakfast and slow cooking
Playdate with friends and crafts with Tamia
Birthday party that we missed because I misread the invitation 
     (so much for close reading, English teacher)
Dinner thanks to #slowcookersaturday
Talent show at my school, and trust me, the students have talent
Church with friends
Lunch with friends
Run 5k while friends keep preschooler
Dinner thanks to #slowcookersaturday
Give preschooler a bath
Now it’s my turn to soak in the tub
Get ready for Monday

So tell me, how do you “Weekend”?